For Immediate Release
May 17, 2017
Media Contact: Tyler Jones – 252-675-7606

Attorneys of Goose Creek High School Student Raise Additional Concerns Regarding School’s Cell Phone Policies


Charleston, SC – Mark A. Peper and David Aylor, attorneys for a 16 year old Goose Creek High School student who was filmed in a bathroom stall on school property by a fellow student, sent a letter to the attorney for Berkeley County School District outlining the gross negligence demonstrated by faculty and administrators at GCHS in regards to the school’s cell phone recording policies.

The video footage of the incident was posted by a student to the popular social media application, Snapchat.

In the letter, attorney Mark A. Peper asserts that after speaking with various students, parents and faculty members, and despite school policy that expressly prohibits the use of electronic devices to record any student or staff member at school, the practice of unauthorized cell phone recording by students is the custom and culture at Goose Creek High School.

“In speaking with various students, parents and faculty members this week, it cannot be disputed that unauthorized cell phone use by students during the school day is the custom and culture at Goose Creek High School, which can only be attributed to the actual or tacit approval of the entire administration, and specifically, Principal Jimmy Huskey, since deviating from the policies, procedures, and rules requires prior permission from the principal himself.  In speaking with the School Resource Officer assigned to GCHS, I am confident that we can prove the school was on actual notice of students’ habitual use of cell phones to record daily events, and further, that the use of cell phones to record students, teachers and faculty has become so customary that it is considered condoned by the Principal himself.”

Additionally, attorney Peper points to the fact that Goose Creek High School’s own website still lists the cell phone policies of the previous academic school year which prohibit even the possession of cell phones during the school day as proof of the custom and culture regarding cell phone recordings at the school.

In the letter, attorneys Peper and Aylor state their intention to file a lawsuit against the Berkeley County School District if immediate steps are not taken on or before May 24, 2017 to amicably resolve this matter.

The letter from attorney Mark A. Peper to the Berkeley County School District is attached to this press release.

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