Alan Ali vs. SC Democratic Party Press Release

April 23, 2024


Charleston County, SC – A South Carolina Circuit Court Judge issued an Order today adopting the position of the SC Democratic Party that, regardless of what the Constitution and laws of South Carolina say, the party has a right to adopt, apply, and enforce its own rules whenever and however it pleases.

The order itself fails to analyze the legal argument made by Lt. Ali. More specifically, the Order completely ignores the evidence presented in support of his argument that the party rule cited as the reason for refusing to certify him violates his constitutional right to due process and equal protection. In fact, and despite providing the Court with evidence of same, the Order fails to even consider that multiple lifelong Republicans who previously ran as Republican candidates were recently certified by the Democratic Party to run as Democrats.

In response to the ruling, Lt. Ali issued the following statement:

“I am disappointed with today’s decision that says the Democratic Party can do whatever they want, whenever they want, to protect party incumbents and prevent the voters from having a choice at the ballot. I have no problem with the party having their own rules, but they should be required to apply them equally to everyone. That is what the law requires and what our citizens demand. The fight to give voters the ability to choose their next Sheriff is not over. I believe in our Constitution, and I’m not laying down.”

Lead attorney Mark A. Peper of The Peper Law Firm, PA issued the following statement:

“Lt. Ali is disappointed with today’s decision and is prayerfully contemplating his next steps. While I firmly believe an appeal of this Order to the South Carolina Supreme Court would be prudent, it would have to be briefed, argued, and ruled upon in the next 48 hours to avoid postponing the June 11 primary, which admittedly, would take a herculean effort. That said, our team remains ready and able to fight this injustice and will continue to advise and support Lt. Ali, his family, and all who stand for democracy.”

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