Job Related Injuries & Workers’ Compensation

An injury on the job can leave you unable to work or care for your family. Even a minor injury can delay your return to work for a substantial period of time meanwhile medical bills are piling up. In South Carolina injured workers have significant legal rights attainable through South Carolina Workers’ Compensation system. This system is designed to provide an injured employee with necessary medical treatment, disability payments, and monetary settlements to compensate for any disability or physical impairment.

South Carolina workers’ compensation law can be complex and difficult to understand. Additionally, South Carolina workers’ compensation claims are subject to strict deadlines. A Charleston workers’ compensation attorney at The Peper Law Firm can walk you through this process.

If you or a loved one has be injured on the job please do not hesitate to contact a Charleston workers’ compensation lawyer for a free consultation. Our Charleston job injury attorneys will take all necessary legal precautions to protect your rights and work to secure compensation. We’re here to help!