PLF Associate Attorney and State Rep. Marvin R. Pendarvis discusses the new SC golf cart laws & the upcoming legislative session

November 26th, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized

On November 19, changes were made to South Carolina’s golf cart laws. The state has had golf cart laws in place previously, but now there will be penalties if the laws are broken.

Here are the current SC golf cart laws:

  • Golf cart must be registered through the DMV
  • Golf cart must be insured.
  • The driver of the golf cart must be at least 15 years  of age AND a licensed driver.
  • The driver must stay within 4 miles of the address the  golf cart is registered to.
  • Do not drive at night.
  • Drivers must only drive on secondary roadways, no  primary roadways.

(List taken from

“Overall, it’s a necessary law,” said Marvin Pendarvis, SC state representative and associate attorney at The Peper Law Firm, PA. “Golf carts and mopeds are motor vehicles when on the roadway and pose a risk to their riders and others when operated in a negligent manner.”

Marvin says that “the only thing that gives [him] pause for concern is the potential for someone to face jail time for a violation of this new statute,” due to the excessive overcrowding in our jails, he wonders if the penalties are too steep.

Marvin is excited about the upcoming session. “I’ve learned a lot from year one that will aid me going into this year,” he said. Marvin is also working on several bills in the areas of education and affordable housing. “With this being the first year of a new two year session, it will be critical for me and my colleagues to discuss these important issues in an efficient, effective and bipartisan manner.”

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