Halloween Safety Tips

October 26th, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized

Halloween is almost here, and children everywhere are picking out their costumes and thinking about all the yummy treats they will enjoy. At The Peper Law Firm, we have a few kids of our own who are pumped to go trick-or-treating. While it’s a fun celebration, it’s also important to remember a few safety tips.

Going trick-or-treating?

Follow these tips to enjoy a safe and fun night:

-Avoid trick-or-treating alone.

Make sure your children walk in groups (if age appropriate) or with a trusted adult.

-Costume accessories should be short and flexible (i.e; swords, knives, etc.)

-Check all treats for tampering and choking hazards

-Bring a flashlight if it’s already dark outside

-Try to walk only on sidewalks, if possible

-Avoid eating homemade treats by strangers

-Look both ways before crossing a street


Don’t forget to print out our Halloween crossword puzzle below:

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