Braised In the South Update Aug. 27th Episode

August 28th, 2017 Posted by Braised In the South

DRAMA for Team #BITS!!!  Last night, on the second episode of The Great Food Truck Race, Team #BITS barely survived elimination finishing $128 ahead of crowd favorite, Papi Chulo’s, who turned in the keys to their truck after a tense weekend in Pensacola, FL.  In an effort to serve a cohesive dish to 50 Navy Airmen at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, Team #BITS chose to team up with Southern Frenchie from Little Rock, AR.   They served up Crawfish Grits with Fried Chicken, and smartly, decided to top it with Onion Marmalade, the specialty of #PLF Family Member Nick Hunter!  Team #BITS and Southern Frenchie WON the challenge with 29 out of 50 votes, giving each team an extra $200 in their till, which turned out to be the difference in the end!

The following day, Team #BITS parked in front of Pensacola Bay Brewery and sold out of everything on the menu by using local produce, which included BBQ Pork Totchos, Local Shrimp Tacos, Cajun Shrimp Salad and Strawberry Lemonade!  On the second day, Team #BITS set up at the Studder Group parking lot and quickly sold out!  They hustled to the market to re-stock, then sold out twice more in the afternoon – a great problem to have!  Then came the curveball from Tyler Florence and the Mayor of Pensacola, who asked the trucks to incorporate fresh Red Snapper into their menus on a moment’s notice.  With immunity on the line for the team that sold the most Red Snapper dishes, Team #BITS went with a Shrimp and Red Snapper Taco which was a HUGE hit, however, it wasn’t enough and immunity went to the Mother / Son’s Team of Stick’em Up from Rogersville, TN.

And then the drama began…. Facing elimination, Team #BITS stood next to Team Papi Chulo’s with only one spot remaining in the race to win $50,000 cash and bragging rights as the Best Food Truck in America.  A loud “YES” and a huge fist pump later, Nick was hugging his #BITS teammates in relief when it was announced they would survive and move on to Tuscaloosa, AL.  Will they learn from their mistakes and make the most of their opportunity?  Will they find themselves facing elimination for the second week in a row?  We’re hoping a new appreciation for just how hard it is to win this race, along with a good #PEP Talk, will help them Roll Tide this Sunday at 9pm!  Tune in to support the #PLF Family and #BraisedInTheSouthFoodTruck.  #TEAMBITS #FoodNetwork #MakeUsProud

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