5 tips for law school students

September 25th, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized

Whether you’re a returning law school student or just starting your first year, these 5 tips will help you in your journey to become a lawyer.

So, newbies- don’t freak out just yet. We’ve got some words of encouragement for you.

1. Write every day. Great writing skills are essential to every law student; and trust me, we’ve all been there. We know all skills require practice, so practice writing so that you can write clear and concise arguments.

2. Get experience. Take as many internships, clinics and practicums as you can. The more experience you get outside the classroom will help you better understand how what you’re learning about relates to a legal career. It’s also a great opportunity to network and open doors for your future.

3. Make friends in your classes. There’s this stigma that says you should view all other students as competitors, but you might actually learn something from other students. Not only will you have friends to help encourage you along the way, but you will have students who can potentially give you notes or study advice.

4. You can’t control your environment, but you can control your reaction. A lot of first year law students hear stories about professors who will call you out in class. Whatever the reason may be, just go with it. Learn to be confident in your answers and focus on why you’re there, not why you can’t stand that professor.

5. Get involved. Go to your professor’s office hours and ask questions. This is the best way to establish a relationship with them. Join clubs and organizations on campus that you stand for and maybe even hold a position.

Good luck!

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