Products Liability

October 23rd, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized

Innocent people are often hurt by defective or dangerous products, leading to a legal cause of action called Products Liability.  The manufacturer, and sometimes even the seller of the product, can be held liable to anyone who has been injured by the defective or dangerous product.  If you or your child has been injured from a defective product, you may be entitled to a monetary award for your loss by filing a claim against those responsible for manufacturing, distributing, and selling the defective product.

Defects vary, but often fall into a few categories: manufacturing errors, design errors, false marketing, improper labels, inadequate testing, usage difficulties, and poor instructions, to name a few.  The items can range from playground equipment, automobiles, medical devices, prescription drugs, toys, bicycles, ATV’s, golf carts, consumer goods, and other household products like lighters, vacuums, and cleaning supplies.

What are the requirements for a legitimate defective product case?

  • The defect was unknown to you.
  • The defect was dangerous.
  • The product was being used for its intended purpose.
  • The product was not substantially changed after it was originally purchased.

It is important to also be aware of and understand South Carolina’s statute of limitations to bring a products liability claim, i.e. the time limit from date of injury to when the lawsuit must be filed.   

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