Braised in the South Update Sept. 10 Episode

September 13th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized

Hurricane Irma may have canceled our Team #BITS Meet & Greet and Viewing Party, but the #BITS boys didn’t disappoint, as they took Nashville by storm!  In Episode 4, Tyler Florence had a surprise for the four remaining food truck teams: a taste of Nashville’s famous hot chicken, prepared by Nashville native and owner of restaurant 400 Degrees, Aqui Hines.  The teams were challenged to make their own versions of hot dishes – but without the chicken.  Team #BITS made a hot shrimp and grits dish, but Mr. Po’Boys won the challenge and added $500 to their till, which only lit a fire under the #BITS boys.  As Tyler announced the winner of Nashville, he revealed that Team #BITS smoked the other trucks by outselling them by more than $2,000 to easily come in first place!  The immunity challenge, judged by country singer Craig Wayne Boyd and won by The Breakfast Club, kept them around for another week, along with 2nd place finisher Mr. Po’ Boys, thus The Southern Frenchie saw their race come to an end and handed over their keys.

As Team #BITS moves on to Athens, GA to compete against Mr. Po’ Boys and The Breakfast Club, we’re trying our best to reschedule a Meet & Greet with the #BITS boys and we’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, tune into Food Network this Sunday Night at 9pm to see if Braised in the South can survive another week, advance to the final, and become this year’s winner of the Great Food Truck Race!

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